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 Feminization Transition #1 -Breast Growth CD  
 Feminization Transition #1 -Breast Growth CD ENLARGE


Feminization hypnosis has a much faster affect on being able to see positive results with breast growth, on the majority of clients. This session on CD, is used to direct permanent change for the post op transsexual, post op transgender, as well as pre op transsexual, and for those in transition.

This recorded session is for MTF transitions, and not for those who aren’t living as a woman full time. The safeguards are not included for those who live as a woman part time.

You will focus on permanent full time change, moving ahead, with no looking back, and thoughts toward future changes and breast growth.

Dawn works with you to use the power of your mind to reduce, or block testosterone, and increase the production of estrogen, so breast growth begins or continues. If you are on prescribed hormones, or wish to use hypnosis naturally, this CD will produce results either way.

Included are segments on eating for a flattering figure, by becoming aware of the foods you are eating. Feminization hypnosis along with watching what you eat will leave you feeling sexy and pretty, while watching your figure.

It does not matter if you are pre op, or post op, transsexual or transgender, the power of your mind can (and does) control the body, and will give you results that are many times faster than most other methods of breast growth.

Not only is hypnosis very relaxing, it reduces stress while you follow along and enjoy it. When you return to your normal routine after a session, you should notice the results.

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Each CD has been digitally engineered for optimum performance in most CD or DVD players on the market. For more information on CD’s see: about Dawn

There is no danger using this CD unless you are operating a vehicle or machinery as it does relax you totally.

You will receive with each CD, a description of what hypnosis feels like so that you may successfully achieve deep levels of relaxation and know what to expect using hypnosis in the privacy of your own home.
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